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Create unlimited number of virtual desktops with this simple desktop manager
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Virtual Dimension is a simple yet powerful desktop manager that will allow you to create an unlimited number of virtual desktops; so in this way, if your screen is not as extensive as you desire, or you use a lot of programs, then Virtual Dimension is a good solution to increase the productivity of your Windows desktop.

If you are tired of having your Windows desktop completely full of icons and programs, then I'm sure that Virtual Dimension is the solution you are looking for. With this free program, you will be able to manage and switch among many virtual desktops (unlimited), and apply specific characteristics for each one of them.

On the settings window you will find many options that will help customize the program. For instance, you can have the program always on top, enable tray icon, enable tool tips, etc.

Another interesting feature is that you can select or create your own shortcuts, so in this way it will be easier for you to activate each virtual desktop and many other functions of the program easily. For example, some of those functions are: toggle transparency, move window to next/previous desk, show/hide preview window, etc.

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